You may know by now that i like you

But you have no idea how much,

I’m trying to be myself around you

And somehow ruining everything for us

Just wish you knew, i think of you

Whether we are fighting

Or if you had just made my day

Coz i just love hearing your voice

You don’t cheer me up always,

And I’m sure I don’t either

But i just want you to know

When you do, it’s the best thing

I’m scared i may lose you

That one day we are just passer-by’s

But now i know being scared,

I’m just pushing you away

I know I’ve kept to myself

Been doing it almost all my life

And this is me, trying to let it out

In my own way.

Just wishing, i could put an ‘and me’

At the end of the heading

Originally written on 28th September 2010

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