Rantings of a hyper me

Warning: Ranting coming up!

Don’t you just hate it when you are hyper and in need of talking to someone, but there is NO one to talk to? I don’t know about others, but it happens to me. I just finished part of my project (part..  like only 10%) and i was all hyper and excited about it. I live in a house full of people (Lots of people.. but thank god i have my own room, in which i would stay all day if i could). Sometimes even with all those people, i feel alone. I’m a hugger. When i am sad, or moody, or even excited and happy.. i need to hug someone. I have a sister i can hug, and another sister who would scream at the slightest touch (i wonder how she ever got married.. or is it just me?)

Minecraft survival world with Ninja Expert (my nephew)

Minecraft PE survival world with Ninja Expert (my nephew)

I love hugging people. But sometimes, specially right now, when i’m this excited about something, there is no one. Not even my 7 year old nephew, unless i threaten him that i won’t play MineCraft with him on Fridays (We play it every Friday for hours non-stop). Yes, i play MineCraft. It’s FUNNNN!!! And yes I’m a horrible person as to threaten a 7 year old with games 😛 But, he does that to me! If i don’t do as he says in MineCraft, he would attack me with a sword (a MineCraft sword). I love that little devil. He brightens up the days most of the time. (Not all the time, just most. He tend to get on my bad side and annoy the hell out of me. Example: jumping up and down singing “lets play MineCraft” when i have a work due in a few hours”) But today he is off at his Grandma’s, coz his mother has exam. And there is no one i can annoy or talk excitedly about my project with — EXCEPT YOU GUYS!!! 😀

So.. i am LOVING the fact that i started blogging again! (yes, i used to have a blog before, mainly just poems.. was too afraid to write like this ‘coz people might judge me)

Natural Escape - ApplePie  scented candle

Natural Escape – Apple Pie scented candle

While we are at it. Don’t you just LOVE candles? I dunno why, but i light up my candle (only one right now) every night, while getting ready for bed. Makes me relax for some reason. Right now it’s applepie scented candle. I should get some more scented ones 😀 My sister has a coconut scented one, and if she lights it, it just makes the entire place smell so awesum (Yes i love spelling awesome like that)

Anyway, better get to work again. More to do… *sigh*