Things i am grateful for

Over the last five years, i have been challenged in more ways than one. During this time i have built a wall over around me, and I’ve not let people in.  ‘Coz funny enough, when i do let people in, they find a way to get scared and run off, or mock me for being who i am and worse breaking all ties with me.

Aaaaagh! Enough!

Enough with the negativity. I have been having a really negative outlook on life. To turn it all around, i’m gonna list things i am grateful for in my life.

1. For being alive and healthy (for the most part): I started having asthma attacks during my late teens. It was bad. Hospital every other week. More medicines than i could count. I hated that experience. I still have asthma. Still chronic, and i have attacks almost every day or every two days. But, i’m so much more improved compared to the past.

2. For having had the chance connected with my mother: My mother was a difficult person to talk to. She passed away almost four years ago, on a mother’s day. I was devastated obviously. But considering the difficult person she was, my time with her during her last year (from cancer diagnosis to .. death) is irreplaceable and priceless to me. I saw her fun side. We would go window shopping, just for the hell of it. I would actually sit on the floor near her chair (she had a special chair, much like Sheldon’s spot), my hand on her lap, just looking up to her as she would tell the tales of her childhood. She would let me cook for her (she NEVER let me in the kitchen before that) and she critiqued my food.. like i never expected her to (apparently it reminded her of her mother 🙂 )

3. For a best-friend for whom i owe so much to: Me and my best friend, we had a rocky relationship. We met in high school. She used me to make her less bored during her lunch break. I used her to get more friends. We fought like couples. At one point, she called me a ‘bitch’ in class, and i asked her to ‘f**k off’. Those were words neither of us use, even today. We stayed angry for ages. But.. i dunno, its been over 8 years, and we have been inseparable. We text each other for the simplest thing. She has two gorgeous boys of age 3 and 1. I couldn’t have found a better friend.

4. For every  misery i have had in the past and the more to come: ‘Coz i have realized, its the tough times that makes me a stronger person.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” Henry Ford

There are many other things i am grateful for. Many other people i am grateful for having in my life. If  i am to write all those down, it could take me forever. Just for now, i am thankful 🙂 for everything in my life…