Hello world :)

I guess there is a reason that the default title reads Hello World. I wanted to write something unique as my first post, but 15 minutes into thinking.. still waiting for that uniqueness.

To start, i am a girl. Strike that, i am a woman. Almost 25 counts as woman? Anyway. I always enjoyed writing. For some reason today right now, i am at a loss for words. I’m starting this blog anonymously, because there are some stuff in my life i want people close to me to not know. That’s not so weird is it? Mostly, people don’t even have time to hear me out anyway, and i wouldn’t like to force people to stay and listen either. I just need some way to get my thoughts out once in a while. Else my head will explode (not literally, i just go into depression mode for a day and eat an entire pizza or something)

I’ve always kept a journal, at some point in my life or the other. In the form of an actual book to keeping it as a One Note file on my laptop. Books get lost, or read by those with prying eyes. Files on laptop get deleted at some point. I used to keep a blog on Blog-spot even, but that was mainly poetry. (Yeah, i love poetry). So, what better way to start journal-ing than to start a blog again? 😀