Sleep and Diet during Exams

We have all been there. The effect exams have on sleep and sleep patterns. Some people sleep more than usual. Some others, struggle to sleep. I am the latter type. I just cannot get comfy in the bed during exams. It’s literally impossible. Even worse for me is my diet. I skip so many meals and end up binge eating later. Those who manage to get enough sleep and eat properly during exams… i applaud to you! And please tell me your secrets!

Today i finished my last mid-sem exam. It was horror. My lecturer served a paper of nightmare and horror! Reasons?

  • He himself disappeared minutes before the examination began.
  • There was a 5 marks worth question that wasn’t even in his list of topics being assessed.
  • The invigilator handed out the third assignment… right as he picked up our papers, inside the exam hall!

So yeah… I’m miserable. Worst of all, i didn’t manage to sleep last night. I tried getting into bed twice. Each time i tossed and turned for like an hour before i had to pee. I get up, try studying a bit more. Then i start yawning, get into bed.. and BAM! No more sleepy.

Finally it was 6 am, when i decided to get breakfast and head to the exam which was at 8 am. Oh and breakfast? I forgot to buy groceries, and i was lazy to go to a near by shop (i refuse to get out of my PJs for at least an hour in the morning).. So there was nothing to eat. Just a cup of coffee and head to exam.

I was like a zombie for the next 6 hours. (‘Coz i had 3 hours exam and the next three hours class). As my blog name reads i am an introvert. I prefer smaller number of people to talk to. I hate talking to strangers. But today, i managed to talk to two of my classmates. Yeah, same class with them for the last 3 months, i still dunno their names. If i didn’t talk/discuss the topics during class today, i would have surely fallen asleep.

As of now, i still have not slept. Counting 41th hour since i last got sleep.. That sounds a bit extreme.. *checks again* …. Yep. 41 hours. Okay, chop chop. Off to bed.

Anyway, how do YOU deal with exam stress?

PS: I ate an entire pizza after coming home. Yes.. an . entire . PIZZA! The horror. But to my defense that’s my entire meal today, and i made promises to myself that i wont do it again.