Math and Donuts

I have my stat class in .. 6 minutes exactly, and i’m just here. Online. Watching the clock. I know if i grab a cab and go now i would still be late. My lecturer (nicknamed by me as: Snoopy) makes a big deal about being late.. in the auditorium filled with over 150 students. Yes, he would single the person out and that would start an hour long lecture (actually just 10 minutes, but pretty sure if he can he would ramble on) about being on time.

Anyway… this is my second time being late to this class. And i’ve a trick to not being in the limelight. We get like 10 minutes of break during which we can grab a bottle of water or other stuff. I turn up at that time, no way Snoopy can notice 😛 (luckily we don’t have an ID card system .. yet)

My excuse for this madness? Donuts! My sister (I have three of them, let’s call this one Freckles) went to Malaysia for a few days. I made her bring donuts for me. It’s from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. It’s TO.DIE.FOR. Or i’m just crazy about having a decent donuts finally. By the way, the picture above is not mine, but that’s basically the donuts i ate. I was too excited about eating them, i didn’t have time to snap a picture.

Why do people insist on taking pictures before eating anyway? Or taking pictures before doing basically anything. I saw a few funny YouTube videos about it. Beep… beep… boop. Okay found one of them. BuzzFeed’s one:

Alright-y, i should get to class.

PS: I’m really glad i started blogging again.