If you were here…


If you were here now

The things I’d tell you

The things I’ve seen

Since you were gone

I would dote you

As I should have

Every single day

Sitting by your side

Mama, you are

The most amazing soul

It was my privilege

To have been your daughter

This is a poem dedicated to my mum 🙂 Since it’s Mother’s day… it seemed appropriate.

Also, here’s the i wrote a whole post about her here, if you care to read


Living on the edge of a cliff
The sound of the running water,
Ever reminding me of the time
Wishing to freeze every drop of it

Seeing the valley filled with flowers
Spreading over the horizon
The rays of fire and sky
Blending in the scene of the ever setting sun

And when the dark approaches
There is little that can be done
Coz its a strange thing,
Wishing for fireflies in the dark…

Just a Dream


Someone smiles at me

I smile back

For he’s given me a dream

A future to look forward to

Someone frowns at me

I smile back

For all i see is my mistakes

All coming back to me

Someone laughs at me

I smile back

For all the mistakes i made

I’m paying back

I never thought i would get over

Never thought i would be here

So it’s like all dreams

This one was just the same

Is it a Crime not to Dream?

Find me my four leaf clover

Crowded among the grass

Raise my voice over the abyss

Make me a someone

I didn’t come unwanted

I won’t let go so easily

Fill my eyes with your shine

Greet me like a dove

Don’t bring me down at dusk

Hold on even if the sun sets

The falling water from the cliff

Cries for the tales untold

And like the fading stars

Don’t wane away into nothing

Cause i wanna live a reality

Not a dream…

Originally written on 19th January 2009


You may know by now that i like you

But you have no idea how much,

I’m trying to be myself around you

And somehow ruining everything for us

Just wish you knew, i think of you

Whether we are fighting

Or if you had just made my day

Coz i just love hearing your voice

You don’t cheer me up always,

And I’m sure I don’t either

But i just want you to know

When you do, it’s the best thing

I’m scared i may lose you

That one day we are just passer-by’s

But now i know being scared,

I’m just pushing you away

I know I’ve kept to myself

Been doing it almost all my life

And this is me, trying to let it out

In my own way.

Just wishing, i could put an ‘and me’

At the end of the heading

Originally written on 28th September 2010

Here is the story behind this.

Silver Sparkle

silver christmas16


Blindly, i am staring

Into the silver light

Enchanted by the sparkles

Of bitter dead hope

When reality shows no mercy

And when all hopes are are amiss

That little silver sparkle

Brings joy back to life

As ages pass

And history moves on

The seventh prime of the tenth

I shall remember


(Originally written on December 4th 2008)