Horrible Horrible dinner! …

I just finished washing a pile of dishes and scrubbing the kitchen counter. I still have the ultimate pan to wash.. but i’m just too tired tonight to do anymore. I have work in the morning, and right now it’s 1 AM. I have never been more disappointed after a dinner.

This was my treat for my friends.. on the occasion of my first salary. I knew i shouldn’t have cooked. But i was trying to economize. First mistake! My friends were so picky about the food that it makes me wanna cry. I made beef penne. And half of them turned up 2 hours later when the food was cold, and complained about it being cold. Some of them (actually just one) turned up after eating, coz he heard i was cooking penne. Apparently he can’t eat pasta. But i personally saw him eating lasagna and fettuccine just a month ago. All in all.. i’m offended. I did not spend what i could have saved for them to go into the bins. Or i did not spend hours in the kitchen, baking and cooking for them to insult my choice of cooking. Meh…

They also went far as to insult something i truly believe in. Made me cringe. I was aching to say something back to defend it. But a look from a friend told me not to start a fight. So i kept quiet. When i mentioned this later to my friend she called me a coward for not being able to say it out. The friend who gave me a look (and a finger on the lip) to shush me up!

Disappointed. Really disappointed in them. Why am i friends with these people? I actually ended up crying after they left. The evening was nothing like i hoped. Is it cause i hosted this? When my other friend hosts it, they have fun.. they laugh.. they even eat the damn pasta! (which btw, i still cook even if it is at my friend’s place!)

I need a hug right now. Thank god my stuffed chicken is beside me. I hope tomorrow (or today.. since it’s past midnight) is better. I’ll have work to distract me. Thousands of lines of code to read through and hundreds of tables in the Database i’m trying to mess with. What more can a girl dream of? 🙂

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