Turning another year

2014-05-12 00.00.58

So, I turned another year yesterday. I am officially 25 years old. I am a quarter of a century old. I am halfway to becoming 50 years. I am celebrating my silver jubilee.

Before hitting bed last night, I wondered: What have I achieved through out last year? Have I done anything that is worthy of even mentioning?

I really don’t have much. But here are a few things I am proud of:

  • Mending relations with my sister
  • Getting better results and trying harder at studies.
  • Taking better care of my hair and letting it grow
  • Drinking more tea and less hot cocoa
  • Crocheting two items throughout the year
  • Building friendship with an old friend and joining her gang of friends
  • Keeping in touch with friends though they don’t
  • Going on two dates… no matter how unsuccessful
  • Getting takeout drinks/food and eating on my way home
  • Working harder to earn more money.
  • Changing the way I dress for the better… with a hint of stylish
  • Being happier ….

These are hardly big wins… but I’ll take what I can get.

Would love to see your comments

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